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International students legal support


Legal Service Before Arriving in New country

  1. Legal consultation on cooperation with overseas study agency.
  2. Practical legal assistance when students landing the new country.
  3. Due diligence for target University or college.
  4. Legal consultation for university & major selection and scholarship application.
  5. Legal advisory for human rights and benefits in U.K and EU member countries.
  6. Short term abroad program —field trip for students and parents who are interested in overseas study.


Legal Service During Overseas Study

  1. Legal consultation on owning or renting a property.
  2. Legal guidance as local citizenship in daily life.
  3. Legal service for agency by mandate.
  4. Legal consultation on local employment.
  5. Legal consultation on conflict or dispute resolution.
  6. Legal support on driving license and Insurance application, resolution of traffic accident in UK or EU countries.
  7. Legal support for financial assistance especially for emergency procedure.
  8. Legal service for emergency medical care.
  9. Legal consultation on wealth investment product management, open bank account,legitimate interests protection.
  10. Legal service on passport lost & renewal.
  11. Legal consultation on money, debt and tax in UK and EU member countries.
  12. Legal service on criminal defense and essential legal support in UK and EU member countries.
  13. Privilege of involvement on different level of local business or cultural event and internship opportunities.
  14. Real-time communication and interaction with legal guardian (parents) for overseas study progress supervision and protection.
  15. Legal consultation on travel accident protection and risk management.


Legal Service For International Graduates

  1. Legal consultation on career planning.
  2. Legal consultation and service on starting or running business.
  3. Legal consultation on investment qualification in UK and EU countries.
  4. Legal consultation on visas and immigration including appeal a visa refusal in UK or EU countries.
  5. For international graduates, internship and interview training legal advice and guidance.